Library Access

The ESAP Library is a free-access library for all users who wish to attend it, considering the institution's students, teachers and researchers as internal users.

For external users, with whom the School has no connection, in addition to being required to be identified (B.I./C.C.), Access to services is restricted, and only reading of presence is allowed.

See Regulation (Chapter II)

Local Consultation

After consultation of the documentary species, they should be placed in the support tables intended for this purpose, for correct replacement by the services.

In order to consult theses, dissertations and architectural design works, a proper requisition must be completed, provided in the Library.

Access to the computerized bibliographic catalog

Reproduction of documents on a self-service basis

Access restricted documents, master dissertations, works of the 6th year of Architecture and doctoral theses cannot be reproduced, as well as documents in poor condition.

AInternet access (W-LAN)

Information and Reference Service

Home Loan

See Regulation (Chapter V and VII)

Selective dissemination of information