The ESAP Library is a library specialized in arts and is at the service to the academic community, whose mission is the acquisition, treatment and dissemination of information, providing bibliographical resources necessary for teaching and research in the various artistic fields, whose thematic areas covered by the documentary background will include architecture, photography, fine arts, cinema, design and theater, without prejudice to areas of recognized interest already existing, as well as others that may later be included.

The bibliographic fund can be consulted in a system of free access to documents. It is organized by thematic areas of teaching in the ESAP, mainly composed of monographs, journals, reference works, exhibition catalogs, theses and dissertations, local fund, private collections / collections and a multimedia background.


Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m./ 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Address: Rua de Belomonte, nº 49
4050-097 Porto
Phone: 223392130


Library Access

The ESAP Library is a free-access library for all users who wish to attend it, considering the institution's students, teachers and researchers as internal users.

For external users, with whom the School has no connection, in addition to being required to be identified (B.I./C.C.), Access to services is restricted, and only reading of presence is allowed.

See Regulation (Chapter II)

Local Consultation

After consultation of the documentary species, they should be placed in the support tables intended for this purpose, for correct replacement by the services.

In order to consult theses, dissertations and architectural design works, a proper requisition must be completed, provided in the Library.

Access to the computerized bibliographic catalog

Reproduction of documents on a self-service basis

Access restricted documents, master dissertations, works of the 6th year of Architecture and doctoral theses cannot be reproduced, as well as documents in poor condition.

AInternet access (W-LAN)

Information and Reference Service

Home Loan

See Regulation (Chapter V and VII)

Selective dissemination of information


António Neves Fund

Private collection of monographs and periodicals in the area of architecture, donated by his own family.

Carlos Cruz Fund

Private collection of monographs and periodicals in the area of photography, donated by his own family.

Eduardo Calvet de Magalhães Fund

Particular collection of monographs and periodicals in the area of the arts, social sciences and literature, donated by himself.

Antigo Fund

Periodical Publications - O Tripeiro and Cultural Bulletin of the Porto City Council.

Local Fund

Works related to the city of Porto.


boletim Janeiro 2018

Bibliographic Bulletin 
Janeiro de 2018

boletim Dezembro 2017

Bibliographic Bulletin 
Dezembro de 2017

boletim Novembro 2017

Bibliographic Bulletin 
Novembro de 2017

boletim Outubro 2017

Bibliographic Bulletin 
Outubro de 2017

boletim julho 2017

Bibliographic Bulletin 
julho de 2017

boletim junho 2017

Bibliographic Bulletin 
junho de 2017

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
maio de 2017

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
abril de 2017

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
março de 2017

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
janeiro de 2017

boletim novembro 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
novembro de 2016

boletim outubro 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
outubro de 2016

boletim julho 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
julho de 2016

boletim maio 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
junho de 2016

boletim maio 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
maio de 2016

boletim abril 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
abril de 2016

boletim março 2016

Bibliographic Bulletin 
março de 2016

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
fevereiro de 2016

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
janeiro de 2016

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Bibliographic Bulletin 
dezembro de 2015

boletim novembro 2015

Bibliographic Bulletin 
novembro de 2015