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Sério Fernandes, O Mestre da Escola do Porto de Rui Garrido

Director: Rui Garrido

Director of Photography: Jorge Macedo

Production: The Stone and The Plot (Daniel Pereira)

Synopsis: 40 years ago, Sério Fernandes was a TV advertising director and owner of one of the most successful advertising companies in Portugal. It was then that he decided to abandon everything to focus on his own films, of which the essential "Chico Fininho" (1982) stands out, a work that unequivocally marked a time. Later, Sério Fernandes would cover the teaching career at ESAP - Escola Superior Artística do Porto, being today known as "Mestre da Escola do Porto". Charismatic figure that marked several generations of directors and artists, he became an essential reference in Portuguese teaching and artistic creation.




Rui Garrido was born in 1991. He graduated in Cinema at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). He has worked in production, image and sound. He is the author of the short film “Ao Salvamento”. The documentary "Sério Fernandes - O Mestre da Escola do Porto" is his debut as a director. Rui Garrido was a student of Sério Fernandes at ESAP.


"Sério Fernandes - O Mestre da Escola do Porto" (doc., 2020)