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The HE Theater Course at the 3rd edition of the José Guimarães Theater Festival - Roberto Merino talk

The Director of CST/ESAP is the guest speaker of the José Guimarães Theatre Festival.
16 October, 16:00 – Roberto Merino: playwrighter, stage director and theatrical pedagogue. Chilean by birth, he decided to exile when Pinochet came to power in 1973. After spending some time in Germany, he ended up settling in Portugal, where he has performed more than a hundred productions to this day. Xenophobia, racism and totalitarianism will intersect with theatre.
Also on November 20, at 9.30 pm, the festival says goodbye with “António Marinheiro”, a dramatized reading of the work of Bernardo Santareno, directed by Roberto Merino and produced by students of the Superior Theater Course ESAP-Escola Superior Artística do Porto, revised reading from Sophocles' classic. - Musical by Ensemble Orff Directed by Paulo Alexandre Jorge.
The recently deceased actress Fernanda Lapa will be honored at the session by ESAP's Prof. Luísa Pinto.