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New Bulding in 2023

ESAP marks its 40th anniversary with a momentous step towards the future

The Art School of Porto (ESAP) will celebrate its 40th anniversary by progressively moving from its current premises to a new site, located in the Antas area. This September, ESAP, the first cooperative educational institution founded in Portugal, currently operating from two buildings located in the city centre, will start the gradual move to its new location. The new site, which was formerly home to an industrial park next to Fernão Magalhães Avenue, in the Bonfim quarter, will be subject to a sweeping transformation with a view to fulfil ESAP’s future plans.  The new project has a total area of 8.423 m2, including a former textile factory and a new built for purpose structure. Of the total area, 3.119m2 will be allocated to CESAP’s administrative and management services, classrooms, studios, workshops, labs, an auditorium, an Art Gallery and the Library. The Canteen, Studio, Lab, Auditorium, ESAP’s Student Services, Research Centres, Teaching Staff rooms, and the Hall of Residence will account for 5.294m2. The new ESAP will also have an outdoor space of 635m2. The Soares dos Reis Artistic School is also located in the vicinity, strengthening the Arts Cluster, but also contributing to the process of physical and social rehabilitation of the eastern part of the city, which is already undergoing full urban and cultural transformation. 

Welcome to the new school!     


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