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Histories of Cinema – From the Beginnings to Contemporary Cinema

The book “História do Cinema – Dos primórdios ao Cinema Contemporâneo”, recently published by Edições 70, is edited by Nelson Araújo, Professor and Director of the BA in Cinema and Audiovisual. The book is a tribute to the Professor Carlos Melo Ferreira, former Professor of ESAP, and has the participation of several authors, such as Liliana Rosa, Professor and Director of the Theater and Cinema Department at ESAP.

“Cinema, with just over a century of existence, brings artistic tensions that either express contradiction and experimentation or reveal contestation and reaction. The views presented here bring together multiple authorial perspectives, on the moments, films and protagonists of such artistic strand. Going through the entire history of cinema, the Diachronic Organization allows us to zoom in on the dialectic of cinematographic language and enhances the immersion, from the particular to the global.”

Contributers: Ana Bela Morais, Anabela Dinis Branco de Oliveira, André Rui Graça, António Costa Valente, Antonio Fatorelli, Carlos Melo Ferreira, Daniel Ribas, Elena Cordero-Hoyo, José Alberto Pinheiro, José Bértolo, José Duarte, Liliana Rosa, Luís Mendonça, Luís Nogueira, Manuela Penafria, Mirian Tavares, Nelson Araújo, Paulo Cunha e Sérgio Dias Branco.