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Fórum do Futuro | Ágora Club

Rivoli | Porto 4 a 12 de Novembro
Forum of the future is an annual project comprising lectures and performances that challenges thinkers from various disciplines and origins to reflect upon nowadays society’s pressing issues.
The 2018 edition focus on the way Classical Age manifests itself in contemporary culture.
Its proposal is to set up a public space made of gatherings, exchanges and negotiations (of identities, practices and languages), and at the same time an analysis of the agora today.
The Classical Age, seen as a recurring time, based on which aesthetics and ethics resurface in different time periods, entails manifold territories, cultures, classes, stories and bodies.
From November 4 to 10, Forum of the Future addresses this issues, paying attention to the way the rhythmic organisation of time transforms the standards of knowledge production as far as art, science and culture are concerned.
Could the cyclic study of the Classic Age have determined an irreplaceable pattern of historical-cultural development? Could we talk about global classical ages, whose scientific, legal and philosophical knowledge still does not comply with the classic canon? Why is mankind not able to free itself from myth to explain and understand the world?
Based on several contributions originating in literature, politics, architecture, astronomy, philosophy and the visual arts, this year’s Forum will examine the extent of this temporality, questioning its social, economic and cultural aspects.