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Oporto Card

Launched by the Porto City Hall on April 5 of this year, the Cartão do Munícipe - Oporto. - is intended for persons with tax domicile in Porto and minor children in their care, as well as students who can prove that they are studying at an educational establishment located in the city and living in a room/house rented in their own name in Porto. It has a specific website - - where it is possible to subscribe to the Card and consult, at any time, the benefits and advantages that cardholders can enjoy, such as: 50% discount on access and practice of sports at Municipal Swimming Pools, 50% discount on shows from the Municipal Theater of Porto - Rivoli and Campo Alegre; 50% discount on entry to the Water Pavilion; free entry to all stations of the City Museum; free use of the Guindais Funicular; personalized alert service via sms about traffic/parking conditions in your area of ​​residence or alerts from the municipal civil protection service.


Since last July 1st, the Porto Card. It also includes the Andante 3Z Porto. subscription, which allows young people aged between 13 and 18 to travel free of charge on Andante public transport, within a limit of three contiguous zones, subject to validation on all trips.


This subscription can only be loaded onto this card, the activation fee and the subscription fee being supported by the Municipality of Porto. Thus, a young person with tax domicile in the City, or who studies and resides in Porto, as per the above requirements, aged between 13 and 18 years (inclusive), can subscribe to the Porto Card. at any time (September, October or following months) and request membership of the Andante 13-18 service. When you obtain the Card, you only need to go in person to an Andante Store to charge, once, the subscription that is valid for the entire academic year 2021/2022. If they are 18 years old, even if the young person turns 19 in the month following membership, they can continue to travel free of charge until 30 September 2022.


We also take this opportunity to highlight "Study in Porto", an online information platform aimed at all young people who intend to study in the city.

Students interested in following their academic path in the city of Porto will find at a set of useful information (in Portuguese and English), capable of helping their integration process. From the offers of teaching and research in the city, through accommodation, to tips on mobility within the county, the shares are diversified, and also include job opportunities and suggestions for cultural and recreational activities.

We provide the contacts of the Director of the Municipal Services to the Municipality, Olga Maia, e-mail:; mobile phone: 935395318, for any further clarification and future articulation in this area.