Master's Course, of university level, in compliance with the Bologna Process, according to the Dispatch n. º 14987/2011, published in the ‘Diário da República’, 2nd series, n. º 212, of November 4, 2011.

The Directing - Cinema and Television Master's Course aims to provide a deepened knowlegde of theoretical, critical, methodological and technical guidance within Directing, both in Cinema and in Television. The future professional's area of intervention are to master skills in Directing - Cinema and Television, which allow to acquire the necessary competences for a qualitative intervention in the areas of film direction, TV shows, research, teaching, critique and on schedule.


Partner schools

École Européenne Supérieure de Image Angoulême et Poitiers – França* - 

Tallinn University – Baltic Film and Media School – Estónia -


* By resolution of the Scientific Council, the mobility of students for this institution is not allowed without a preliminary visit by an ESAP teacher.