This post-graduation/specialization program aims to develop a critical approach to Art in Public Space in its various expressions. Animation and intervention in public space, which the urban regeneration has come to propose on its plans, in our country and abroad, risks the be a "turist disneyland", being fundamental to work with communities in creating artistical interventions with impact on social space.

The course, with a strong practical component, is oppened to artists, architects, animators and cultural producers (and similar qualifitications), aiming, bu its interdisciplinarity, the creation of a thinking and creative stimulus space around the problems of art in public space, such as: a) art as fator of social transformation; b) creation of site-specific works, with social impact and c) social space as colective work of art; d) action and artistical interventation in public space as meeting point to civic discussion; e) other contributions. Phenomena connected to Urban Art, Communitary Art and Public Art and ephemeral and permanent interventions will be theme of both study and project.

DARQ | Department of Architecture

DARQ | Department of Architecture

Susana Milão

The Department of Architecture is responsible for organizing and developing research in its area or scientific areas, promoting research groups and projects, in addition to individual research; Coordinate the activity of the respective scientific areas through the respective groups of curricular units; Support the activities and initiatives of faculty and researchers in the field of teaching and research; Collaborate with other departments to develop interdisciplinary training and research programs.

In September 2013, measures were introduced to stimulate research and an ESAP Project Monitoring Commission was set up to develop:

- ESAP research projects

- Credited Research Internships (ECI)

Research projects in progress:

IEPPE, Interventions in the public space - permanent and ephemeral - in the consolidated city (ESAP / 2013 / P09 / TRV)

Landscapes by subtraction (ESAP / 2016 / P31 / DARQ)

DAV | Department of Visual Arts

DAV | Department of Visual Arts

Jorge Cunha Pimentel

The Department of Visual Arts is an academic structure coordinating the scientific areas of Design, Photography, Printing, Plastic Arts, Design, Information and Communication Technologies, Multimedia and its respective curricular units, which develops a close scientific-pedagogical articulation with the courses that integrate it.

Among other competences, it is the responsibility of the DAV to organize and develop research in its scientific areas, by promoting research groups and projects, in addition to individual research, as well as supporting the activities and initiatives of faculty and researchers in the field of research.

DAV shares with the other departments of the ESAP a research policy that includes the encouragement of the formation of research teams led by DAV professors through the funding of short-term collective research projects, namely ESAP projects.

At this moment a research project in the area of ​​the course is conducted at DAV, directed by one of its professors:

Perspective of creating a web-based file for the ESAP IEPPE (ESAP / 2013 / P10 / DAV)


The provision of Research Creation Internships (ECI) in the context of projects underway in the Department is also intended to contribute to the initiation or reinforcement of the scientific initiation of ESAP students.

DTC | Department of Theatre and Cinema

DTC | Department of Theatre and Cinema

Marta Freitas