Bachelor degree Course, of university level, in compliance with the Bologna Process, according to the Dispatch n. º 4649/2017, published in the ‘Diário da República’, 2nd series, n. º 103, of May 29, 2017.

The bachelor degree in Communication Design presents a curricular plan focused on the areas of graphic design and multimedia design, including, however, the areas of audiovisual and photography. The bachelor's degree goals are to work on content, the "tools" and fundamental knowledge leading to the acquisition of skills, in order to analyze, reflect and conceive products, works and contents of graphic design and multimedia design.

Due to the broad nature of its study plan, the multiplicity of professional exits is favored in accordance with the acquired learning. The internship integrated in the bachelor degree boosts the contact with the professional environment.


To view the complete regulation, download the pdf in the link below.

Download Design of Communication's Bachelor Degree Regulation