Bachelor degree Course, of university level, in compliance with the Bologna Process, according to the Dispatch n. º 9896/2016, published in the ‘Diário da República’, 2nd series, n. º 148, of August 3, 2016.

The Cinema and Audiovisual bachelor degree presents itself as an open educational path, with the cinematographic process explored in the scope of the artistic practice and in the production of experimental works. With this bachelor degree, of universitary level,  it is intended to train qualified filmmakers and / or specialists in the areas transversal to the practice of cinema. The syllabus is broad enough to allow a multiplicity of professional exits in accordance with the acquired learning, namely: artist, film or television director and / or directing professional , production, camera operation, editing sound and post production.

The student also acquires competences that allow him to continue to the research path.

To view the complete regulation, download the pdf in the link below.

Download Cinema and Audiovisual Bachelor Degree Regulation