The Graduate Program in Comics presents a program that aims to:

- To provide its students with the conditions for the conception, development and finalization of a comic book project with a view to its integration in the current context of the publishing market. The result of the learning process will materialize not only in a project for global evaluation in the course, but that will serve as a real case of publication in the publishing market, national or international, of comics, as well as a first step in the professionalization and student exposure.

- Consolidate a training community specifically centered on the study of BD: reinforcing habits among students for discussing their projects; fostering collaborative practices for their development and implementation; promoting regular meetings with the most diverse professionals in the field, in order to constitute a broad platform for the debate of relevant issues in the scientific-academic and artistic-professional fields.

*Timetables will be defined according to the preference of most students.

Current panorama of world comics; argument and ideation; character development, key structures, and planning; material experimentation; editorial strategies; communication, exhibition and circulation. Contact with several national and international professionals in the field of comics, in the form of lectures and/or workshops.

Synopsis and textual treatments, visual development, graded exercises, sketches, artwork, mock-up, associated portfolio, exhibition, finalization. Monitoring by the faculty in a close mentoring logic; participation in challenges and contests; follow-up of pitches in the market.