Partnership with UNESPAR- State University of Parana, Brazil.

Collaboration with Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries, University of Central Lancashire, UK.  

ESAP is a member of the Erasmus Programme, organized and funded by the EU. The Programme supports the exchange of students, teaching and administrative staff of HE partners and other hosting institutions or companies. With a list of partners from Estonia, Spain, France and Finland, students are invited to apply for the mobility scheme as students or trainees during their studies and the year after the conclusion of the course (training only).


Partner schools

Escuela Universitária de Artes y Espetáculos da Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid – Espanha -

LUCA School of Arts - Sint-Lukas Campus – Bélgica -

Tallinn University - Institute of Fine Arts – Estónia -

Tamk – Tampere University of Applied Sciences – Helsínquia -

Tartu Art College – Estónia -

Université de Picardie Jules Vernes - França -