The Post-Graduation in Sound Art and Media Art aims to equip students with the following knowledge and skills:

a) Provide in-depth knowledge of technical skills, languages, genres, concepts, theoretical directions, methodologies and research sources in the field of sound art;

b) Enable a thorough approach to the academic and historical fields of sound art from a technocultural perspective;  

c) Acquire skills that enable lifelong learning and autonomy in decision making regarding the technologies and methodologies to be applied in an informed process of production and creation  

d) Provide formal and technical knowledge, in the conceptual and technological domains, in relation to sound, technology, means of production and experimentation;

e) Master the knowledge in sound art that allows the attainment of the necessary skills for a qualitative intervention in the areas of artistic practice, production, research, teaching, analysis, and programming 

To view the complete regulation, download the pdf in the link below.

Download Regulamento da Pós-Graduação em Arte Sonora e Media Arte