Sustainable-Sustainable Architecture is an English-taught post-graduation starting in autumn 2020 and is structured into online courses and practical workshops. The programme focuses on sustainable architecture practices both environmentally and financially. It combines 90 hours of theory with 210 hours of hands-on-experience bridging topics of sustainable construction, participatory design and social project management. The programme is initiated by Critical Concrete in collaboration with ESAP and assisted by guest lecturers and mentors with recognized experience.

Student will co-design and build real social projects in Portugal, as the course is embedded in a project aimed at refurbishing houses of low-income families and public spaces for local communities.

The programme aims to set up a conceptual base for an ecological and social approach to architecture and urbanism and gives its graduates competencies in starting and managing projects in the respective field.


After finishing the programme, students will

  • be aware of the need for changing the conventional ways to build and design.
  • understand strategies for environmentally friendly construction, circular economy, proper water management and energy efficiency.
  • know methods and techniques regarding ecological and natural building as well as low-tech and low-waste applications.
  • be able to transfer vernacular construction techniques to today’s needs.
  • be conscious of intersectional and inclusive approaches in neighborhood and city planning.

Furthermore, the students will know

  • how to run and fund a sustainable project and how to be a responsible professional from the design to the building and maintaining processes.
  • how to apply a bottom-up approach and engage local population and institutions.
  • how to empower communities through participatory design  in order to increase the involvement for people in risk of social exclusion.