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ESAP's open Senior School 2014/2015
ESAP - S. Domingos Building
until September 30

ESAP Senior aims to give all adults the opportunity to occupy their free time getting training in different artistic fields, with theoretical and practical basis.

It is intended that participants enrolled in ESAP Senior acquire knowledge in many artistic areas, including the Painting, Drawing, Cinema and Video, Creative Writing, Multimedia, Photography, Serigraphy, Engraving, Architecture, Theatre and Dance and Movement. The training is also supplemented by conferences and study visits.

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ESAP will have a bi-weeky program in RTP
ESAP - RTP Universities
Channel 2

Following a meeting that took place last June in the premises of RTP OPorto, with the presence of ESAP’s Academic Board and with the responsible RTP's, we inform the academic community that CESAP/ESAP will sign a cooperation agreement aimed at the integration of ESAP in space RTP UNIVERSITIES, channel 2. Accordingly, ESAP will produce a bi-weekly 30-minute program, which aims to show the activities performed in our institution and, more broadly, the relationship of engagement between the ESAP and the city, with a special emphasis on the historical area surrounding community.

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Masters and Partnerships Erasmus
ESAP's Internationalization

After a first meeting held in Porto, in May, under MIFEC, the Academic Director and the Course Director of Cinema and Audiovisual, will moving to Madrid in early September for the second meeting of preparing a partnership project to an Erasmus Masters together in the field of cinema and audiovisual. This project involves institutions of the Latin American space and involve, at this point, the ESAP, the University Rey Juan Carlos of Spain, the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil and another that is still under review. Beyond this, and in order to increase the internationalization of ESAP also are in underway projects to partnerships with other institutions of the same areas of existing training in the ESAP, an example of which was submitted last April in the field of architecture, involving five institutions in other countries and that the result will be known in September. The goal is to have the projects ready to be submitted in next contest Erasmus, under the Key Action 1 and 2, in March 2015.

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Agenda 2014
August 2014
Business hours
July 25 to September 30
Multiplicidades VI Exhibition
September 15 to 26
VISUA Experimentation Laboratory and Visual Practices
until September 30
ESAP's open Senior School 2014/2015
until November 15 2014
CALL FOR ARTICLES 3rd Edition – Persona Journal
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