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Workshop | Experimental Techniques in Sound Design with Hugo Branco

1 year, 10 months ago



Based on the sound's plasticity and the analysis of several sound parameters, the participants will be introduced to the technique of granular synthesis, through the use of various tools in terms of software and hardware. The aim will be to familiarize participants with concepts, techniques and tools that allow them to approach sound design and sound design in an experimental, abstract and emotional way.


Part I - Concepts and examples

. Sound as plastic

. Illustration / opposition / abstraction

. Emotion: texture, harmony, silence

. Main parameters: pitch, tempo ...

. Introduction to granular synthesis


Part II - Tools

. Sound capture

. Sound Banks

. Hardware / software / apps


Part III - Free practice

. Experimenting with the tools


Part IV - Exercise proposal

. Emotive sound


Hugo Branco [VIC Aveiro Arts House / VIC NIC]


Photo Credits: Joana Magalhães