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2 years, 10 months ago

The DNA Paris Design Awards honors designs in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design and Products design awarding the best designers worldwide.

The Canine & Feline Hotel, received the Paris Design Awards 2020, in Architecture Hospitality .

Summary: The Canine & Feline Hotel is located in Vila do Conde and consists of temporary dog and cat accommodation, distributed over three buildings.
The first volume corresponds to the reception and support area. The second volume works as a link between the highest part of the terrain and the lower part. Upstairs we have the dogs’ shelter, separated by the corridor with a small garden. In the lower floor we have a multipurpose space, a technical room, a laundry room and a locker room.
The third volume holds twelve cats’ shelter, with a central space around an interior garden, lit by a large skylight.