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IN VOCA (L) ACÇÃO | NUNO M. PINTO | 30.04.21 | 6.30 pm

1 year, 10 months ago

IN VOCA ( L ) AÇÃO by Nuno M. Pinto
29th January, 6.30 pm

“the text returns: it is volatile, it is voltaic, it is vomit, it is volute, it is vowel, it is voluptuousness, it is volume, it is volition, it is vulva, it is voice, it is voraciousness, it is revolt.” - E . M de Melo e Castro
With the purpose of celebrating the life, sign, and writings of the Poet- Inventor E . M de Melo e Castro, this performance aims to approach the voice, or voices, as corporeity, where breathing, rhythm, the now of the carnal presence precedes the logos.
Text, voice and noise merge in the idea of a sound landscape in order to produce a space of association in the consciousness of the spectator.
In this process the word will re-emerge in all its dimensions and volumes, as sound and poetic deconstruction.
Nuno Marques Pinto is a performer, actor, musician, pataphysician, among other things. His work is a reflexion on language and voice. The voice is dealt with according to formal musical our architectonical patterns- repetition, distortion, overlapping, noise, scream – for a multi-language music, transforming the speech act in an event, situation, speaking body.