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Monastery S. Bento da Vitória 10 e 11 de Julho (Terça, 21h e Quarta, 19h)

After Marivaux, Molière. Once again, the final-year theater students of Escola Superior Artística do Porto, led by stage director and pedagogue Roberto Merino, come to grips with a text by a major figure of classic French theatre. In 2014, they played The Game of Love and Chance, a play that staged love and its surprises via a sophisticated identity-switching mechanism. Now comes Tartufo [Tartuffe], which exposes the true identity of an impostor, a false moralist who devises and carries out an apparently infallible plan to seize the wealth and affections of a bourgeois family. Premiered in 1664, Tartuffe is one of Molière’s most caustic comedies, a target for the wrath and censure of the religious devouts of the time, who saw themselves depicted in the play’s main character. But, in the end, who is Tartuffe? He is an arriviste who uses religion as a means to climb up the social scale. However, his verve and talent are irrefutable: Tartuffe is one of the most complex creations of universal dramatic literature, into which perfidiousness and naiveté, greed and desire converge.


by Molière

translated by

Manuel João Gomes

dramaturgy and direction

Roberto Merino

assistance direction

Thales Ferreira (Universidade Federal Fluminense-Brasil)

direction of actors

Teresa Vieira

lighting design

Júlio Filipe Cardoso


Ana Paula Santos, Andreia Silveira, David d’Oliveira, Filipa Pires, Guto Siqueira, Leandro Baptista, Nisa Sampaio, Paulo A. Jorge, Raquel Ferreira, Ricardo Regalado, Thales Ferreira, Tino Pinto

special participation

Mário Moutinho, Luís Ribeiro

produced by

Escola Superior Artística do Porto/CESAP



Ages 12 and up