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Seminar "Your body is a battleground"

A3 classroom | ESAP 17 e 24 Março 2023 | 14H30

On the 17th and 24th of March, at 2:30 pm, in classroom A3 at ESAP, the Seminar "Your body is a battleground - Perspetivas sobre a arte feminista, contextos de legitimação e posicionamento" will be presented by Manuela Hargreaves.

Brief Bio
Ph.D. in Heritage Studies - Art History (FLUP). She is also a teacher and researcher, regularly collaborating with several higher education institutions and museums and galleries in the net of interaction between artistic creation, the art market, and cultural dynamics.

She systematically conducted interviews with forty-five agents of the Portuguese artistic world, published in the books “Colecionismo e Mercado da Arte em Portugal” and “Mulheres e Cultura Artística em Portugal”.

In recent years, her research has focused on issues of Art and Gender, as exemplified by the books “Mulheres e Cultura Artística em Portugal”, and “Deslaçar o Fio da História – Mulheres Artistas em Portugal”, recently published.