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Seminar "Architecture in dialogue: Portugal and Brazil"

Casa da Arquitectura - Centro Português de Arquitectura 23 de fevereiro - 10h | 18h

The Seminar "Architecture in dialogue: Portugal and Brazil" will take place on February 23 at Casa da Arquitectura, Centro Português de Arquitectura


From the themes suggested by the "Infinite Go - 90 Years of Brazilian Architecture" Exhibition, the Seminar "Architecture in Dialogue: Portugal and Brazil" invites a group of 13 architects from both nationalities to discuss, along February 23, between 10:00 am and 6:00 p.m., the distinctive features of the new architectural production here and in Brazil and the extent to which they approach and move away. Starting from approaches such as program, technique, infrastructure and cultural heritage, the seminar will take stock of the current state of architecture in these two sister countries, separated by the Atlantic and by very specific cultural dynamics.


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