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Rodrigo Paglieri – Intersections in Theorico-poetic Research

2 years, 3 months ago

The main objective of this session is to study the methodologies and strategies for the creation of a conceptual structure able to ground theoretical research in the fields of arts. Through the analysis of several case studies we will approach the theoretical intersections which emphasise multidisciplinary approaches, sustained in the dialogue between the arts, philosophy and the social sciences. 

Rodrigo Paglieri was born in Santiago of Chile, and from 1988 to 2018 lived and worked in Brazil. Currently, he lives in Porto, Portugal and teaches in the course in Visual Arts, School of Architecture, University of Minho EAUM. Here, he is a fellow researcher of the Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory- Lab2PT. Paglieri holds a PhD in Visual Arts (2019), awarded by the Post-Graduate Programme from the Fine Art School, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His work follows two main directions: the production of gallery objects activated by mechanisms and video-installations and the urban intervention in public spaces.