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“We were neorealistic children too” - Roberto Merino at IV Chaves Literature Party (FLIC)

Chaves - Salão Nobre da U.S.R. de Chaves 9 de Novembro

With the communication “We were neorealistic children too”, the Director of the Theater Course, Roberto Merino, participates in the IV Chaves Literature Festival (FLIC) about Theater and Neorealism in Portugal

Portuguese Neorealism: Cinema, Photography, Literature and Theater - 12th Table (14:30)

Filipe Santos, Jorge G. Melo; Roberto Merino and Rúben Sevivas

Moderator: Emília Nogueira

Target: Writers; Academics; art-related public and general public

Objectives: To reflect on the importance of neorealism as a conceptual movement of a sociopolitical nature; Approach the major codes of the Art of Neorealism.