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Family Reunions

1 month, 2 weeks ago

The 2nd year Ttheatre students will present a theatrical exercise titled Family Reunions. 

Play Direction by Luísa Pinto – Pedro Dias

Family Reunions

"In a time of social, affective and emotional restrictions, a dysfunctional family finds itself in its usual, but no less boring, Annual Family Reunion. An average family scene with an extraordinary dialogue, a realistic universe that takes on surrealistic contours, a family rich in normal people who try to avenge the hero/anti-hero who lives in the deep and perverse core of each member. Seven family members take us on a journey through the secret thoughts of each one, until the sharing of a collective thought and its consequences ".

Performed by 2nd year Theatre students - Ana Gama,Beatriz Santos, Constança Antunes,,Guilherme Amorim,Helena Gomes,Márcia Salomé,Neuza Cardão. 

Produçtion : ESAP- Curso Superior de Teatro


*Photo: Prof.  António Alves/ESAP