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Sophia Student Awards - 6th Edition

3 years, 3 months ago

With institutional support form ICA – Instituto do Cinema Audiovisual, the Academia do Cinema will realize, on 12th December, the cinema student party day, in the Pharmacy Auditorium Museum, at Marechal Saldanha 1 Street, Lisbon.


We are honoured to inform about the participation vs. nomination at the best short experimental film, "José", by our student João Monteiro and at the best short fiction film, "Tragédia", by our graduate student Célia Fraga.


Sinopsys "José":In a portuguese suburd, José celebrates his 18th birthday. A silver necklace falls in his hands, offered by his older brother. In the aftermath of this present, the film assumes a nostalgic reflexion about the identity of a lost family.

Sinopsys "Tragédia": based on the homonymous tale of Mario de Sá-Carneiro. It tells the story of Elisa, whose suffering, due to an incurable disease, leads her to beg for her death to her husband. He, shocked, decisively refuses to do so, but Elisa will use every possible stratagem and argument to achieve her goal.