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2 months, 3 weeks ago

A new ESAP course operating on the premises of the Figueira da Foz Arts and Entertainment Center through a protocol with the local municipality.

POST-GRADUATION IN CINEMA AND AUDIOVISUALS presents a graduate program that aims to develop a critical and creative approach to cinema through its multiple directions and modes of production.

The post-graduate course in Cinema and Audiovisual aims at the acquisition by students of the following knowledge and skills:
a) Provide an in-depth knowledge of techniques, languages, genres, concepts, theoretical orientations, methodologies and research sources in the field of Cinema and Audiovisual;

b) Enable an in-depth approach to the scientific area of Cinema and Audiovisual;

(c) to acquire skills which enable lifelong learning and decision-making autonomy in relation to cinema and audiovisual policies;

d) To master knowledge in Cinema and Audiovisuals, which allow to acquire the necessary skills for a qualitative intervention in the areas of film production and production, research, teaching, criticism and programming.


Place of instruction
Center of Arts and Shows of Figueira da Foz