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Plug & Play 2019

Teatro Rivoli | Pequeno Auditório 12 e 13 de Junho de 2019

We have reached the tenth edition of Plug & Play, a meeting in which designers talk about design from their work.


Organized by ESAP’s degree in Design of Communication, the PLUG & PLAY conference aims to contribute to the understanding of the contribution of the discipline to the social fabric and to the city, in the collective consciousness and especially in the community of Design students.


Within the broad spectrum of the word Design, Plug & Play focuses on typography design, visual and editorial identity systems, illustration, motion graphics and webdesign.


It is a free entry event, held since 2010, and has as its main content the professional work developed by national and international designers, presented by the authors themselves.


Have already passed in Plug & Play:

Alex Trochut, André Carrilho, André da Loba, Andre Letria, Andreu Balius, Andrew Howard, Astrid Stavro, Dino do Santos, Filipe Carvalho, Grandpa's Lab, Graphic Thought Facility, Hey Studio, João Faria, João Maio Pinto , John Pombeiro, Jump Willy, Lucas de Groot, Man vs. Machine, Mário Moura, Mário Moura, Marta Madureira, Martin Majoor, Martino & Jana, Max Kisman, Nuno Coelho, Arara Workshop, Oupas !, Physalia, Pierre Bernard, Tangerine Planet, Post Panic, Production Type, R2, Rui Abreu, Sascha Lobe, Lester Seb, Tomato, Underware, White Studio, and many others.


Complete Program:



11h - Mariana Rios
12h - Jeremy Tankard

15h - Olga Studio
16h - Soi Studio



11h - Heitor Alvelos
12h - Studio Degrau

15h - Marc Boutavant
16h - Isidro Ferrer