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Tarkovsky's Cinema

esap, 3rd front 16 Janeiro

Dario Oliveira holds a 1st Degree in Fine Arts, University of Porto. He is a primary and secondary teacher and a lecturer in the Bachelor in Journalism, University of Porto.   

Associate Professor in the Post-Graduation in Cinema, School of the Arts, Catholic University, Porto

Co-founder of the Short Film Agency, 1999, and, since 2005, the Solar-galeria de Arte Cinemática.

Until 2013 he was the organiser of the annual event Animar, Vila do Conde de Educação pela Imagem

From 1998 to 2001 he organised the Jazz Festival of Porto

Worked for Atalanta Films from 2005 to 2006

Author and coordinator of the project Estaleiro-Imagens, Sons e Ideias em Movimento, Vila do Conde (2011, 2012)

Founder and director of the film festival PortoPostDoc (2014)

Project coordinator of the learning programme SchoolTrip, which involves 7800 students across all levels, from primary school to higher education.