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Round Table and Exhibition | CONTRAST

1 week, 3 days ago

As part of the CONTRAST project programme, which aims to contribute to the dissemination, creation and teaching of photography in its interaction with Art, Architecture and Design, Casa das Artes, on the 27th of January, at 5.30 pm, will open the CONTRAST exhibition: THE TEACHING OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN ITS INTERACTION WITH ART, ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, followed by a round table around this theme. The opening of the exhibition will count on the presence of Laura Castro (DRCN), and the round table that will be moderated by Pedro Leão Neto (FAUP) will count on the presence of Carlos Lobo (EA. UCP), José Carneiro (FBAUP), José Maças de Carvalho (DCAM), Olívia da Silva (ESMAD) and Rui Lourosa, Teacher and Director of ESAP´s Visual Arts - Photography Bachelor Degree.


The aim of the roundtable is to discuss the role and importance of teaching and practicing photography in Portuguese higher schools of art, design, architecture and artistic studies, providing a deeper understanding of the universe of photography. It is intended, in particular, that from the publication onwards, different strategies for teaching photography are analyzed, trying to understand how they can generate bridges between the various disciplinary areas where photography is present, and also help to rethink reality. This event is also part of the exhibition that has accompanied the dissemination program of the network of multidisciplinary artistic initiatives in Art, Architecture, Design and Photography that has the direct involvement of eleven higher education schools teaching photography in various disciplinary and artistic areas: ARCO, DARQ, DCAM, EA.UCP, ESAP, ESMAD, FAUP, FBAUL, FBAUP, FEUP and IPT. The exhibition has been communicating the photographic works of students and emerging authors carried out in the teaching context of the various institutions involved in this project, allowing simultaneously to hear the students explain their projects, as well as to observe their photographic works, whether in book format. or online platform.


The CONTRAST project aims to contribute to the dissemination, creation and teaching of photography in its interaction with Art, Architecture and Design. This contribution will be developed nationally and internationally through the sharing of experiences and knowledge between schools, non-academic groups and associations, bringing together the interest of different audiences for these themes in a transversal and holistic perspective.

The CONTRAST: PHOTOGRAPHY IN HIGHER EDUCATION collection is made up of book publications with a biennial periodicity and edited by scopio Editions, with two issues already published.