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Cinema and Audiovisual Bachelor Degree: ESAP & FECA

Cinema and Audiovisual Bachelor Degree is part of FECA – Federação de Escolas de Cinema e Audiovisual, represented by the teachers M. F. Costa e Silva, as Vice President of the Directorate, and Nelson Araújo, as Vice President of the General Assembly.

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25 de Fevereiro - 8 de Março 2020

40th Oporto International Film Festival FANTASPORTO 2020

Rivoli Theatre

We inform you that, from February 25 to March 8, 2020, the 40th edition of FANTASPORTO will take place at Teatro Rivoli.

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10 months ago


The short Flashbulb Memories (2015), directed by Carlos Trindade, professor at ESAP and Director of the Fine Arts and Intermedia Degree, is included by invitation of the organization in the Official Selection of “VIP FEST”, February 2020, Barcelona (Spain).

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7 de Fevereiro | 09h30-18h00

PHI Portugal Network

Casa Cor-de-Rosa

The annual meeting of the international PHI Network in Portugal takes place on February 7, at FAUP.

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30 de Janeiro | 17h00

Open Class of Musical Expression

Auditório da ESAP

Open Class of Musical Expression with 2nd and 3rd Year students Theater Course and 1st Year of Design and Communication Course | Supervised by teacher Patrícia Franco | January 30 | 5 p. m. | ESAP's Auditorium

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10 months, 1 week ago

Call for ESAP Projects - Research

Call open until February 10 | To ESAP's staff

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29 de Janeiro | 19h00

Open Class "Under pressure"

ESAP Auditorium

Exercise of students of the 2nd year of t Bachelor Theater Degree: "Under Pressure" speaks of a group of teenagers with their dreams, concerns and pressures typical of a generation | 29th January | 7 p.m. | ESAP's Auditorium

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16 Janeiro

Tarkovsky's Cinema

esap, 3rd front

On 15th January the event producer and lecturer Dario Oliveira will present a paper on Tarkovsky's cinema

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9 Janeiro

João Oliveira Duarte - A certain/ amount of nothing/ in a dream deferred. Subversions, guerrillas and spies

São Domingos, 3rd floor

The researcher and essayist João Oliveira Duarte is going to give the talk "A certain/ amount of nothing/ in a dream deferred. Subversions, guerrillas and spies", 9th January 9th January ESAP, 3rd Floor São Domingos

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10 de Janeiro | 10h00


Sala de Atos

We are honoured to invite you to attend the Arquitecture and State. Aesthetics and Politic in Argentina Conference, organized by Architecture Integrated Master that will take place 10th January, 10:00 am, at ESAP (Sala Atos).

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11 de Novembro

Post-graduation in Self-publishing


The Post-Graduation in Self-publishing encourages students to explore Self-publishing in its various contexts: graphic work, books, illustration, and other contents within the fields of publication and graphic communication. It aims to provide the conditions for students to develop a self-publishing project, from concept to product.

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20 de Dezembro | 21h30

"Walk Into The Dark With Me" "Walk Into The Dark With Me"

Sala de Movimento

Performance of young actors in formation in the ESAP Movement Room "Walk Into The Dark With Me" arises from the desire to express the complexity of being young in an incomprehensible and uncertain world when your illusions of comfort and stability become threats and anguish. T

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7 Janeiro

João Florêncio-Antiretroviral Time

São Domingos, 3rd floor

On 7th of January the researcher João Florêncio will be in ESAP to present and discuss his latest work.

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8 de Janeiro

Mohammad Salemy- The End of Art

São Domingos, 3rd floor

On the 8th January the artist, curator and critic Mohammad Salemy will be discussing his work in ESAP

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6 de Dezembro

Study Trip | MIA ESAP 1st year

Lindoso – Soajo – Brufe – Campo do Gerês e Santa Maria de Bouro

The study trip of 1st year students, in the context of MIA - Architecture Integrated Master, to Lindoso, Soajo, Brufe, Campo do Gerês & Santa Maria de Bouro, will take place in December 6.

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