17 de Maio

Study Visit Casa das Marinhas – Esposende

Casa das Marinhas - Esposende

A study visit to Casa das Marinhas (Esposende), of Architect Alfredo Viana de Lima, was carried out on May 17, within the framework of Project 1 class.

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31 de Maio | 18h00

Seminar #9

3º Frente

João Fonte Santa

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24 de Maio | 18h00

Seminar #8

3º Frente

Joclécio Azevedo

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16 a 18 de Maio de 2019

International Fair of Industry 4.0, Robotics, Automation and Composites


The LABORATÓRIO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM ARQUITECTURA E DESIGN - LIAD|ESAP/CESAP participates in the International Fair of Industry 4.0, Robotics, Automation and Composites, presenting a Digital Tool for Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Space visibility, integrated in the I&D Project OPO'ARCH FORMAL METHODS supported by the North 2020.

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Inscrições até 04 de Julho


Come to experience, learn and have fun in various artistic activities that ESAP Junior wants provide to you. Come and meet ESAP and all its superior artistic courses.

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17 de Maio às 21h30 | 18 de Maio às 16h00

Presentation | A Decadência dos Seres Não Abstractos

Armazém 22, Vila Nova de Gaia

The play "A Decadência dos Seres Não Abstractos" questions the limits between the abstract and the real. It is an exercise that crosses the theater with the plastic arts, constructed from two texts of the work "The Nihilistic Aestheticism of the Imaginary Number", of Marcio Aquiles.

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10 de Maio | 18h00

Seminar #7

3º Frente

Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves

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25 de Abril a 01 de Maio

Artistic Residence in Mogadouro


With the collaboration of Mogadouro county, an Artistic Residence will be held between April 25th and May 1st, which will count with the participation of ESAP Cinema and Audiovisual students.

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30 de Abril | 21h30

Theater Training in Gondomar

Auditório Municipal de Gondomar

It will take place, tomorrow, April 30, at 9.30 p.m., a theatrical performance, as a result of the training held between January and April and organized, by the Federation of Collectivities of the Municipality of Gondomar and with the support of ESAP´s Theater Course Direction.

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30 de Abril | 15h00


ESAP's Auditorium

On April 30, at 3 pm, at ESAP’s Auditorium, another KINO ESAP session will be held. The film Blue, by British Director Derek Jarman will be shown.

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26 de Abril | 18h00

Seminar #6

3º Frente

Tales Frey

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2 months ago


The Jury of the 16th International Film School Festival (MIFEC) awarded MIFEC Best Prize 2019 to JOSÉ directed by João Monteiro, of ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto.

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27 de Abril | 15h00 - 20h00

Desobedoc 2019 - insubmisso cinema show

Auditório CCOP

Documentaries directed by ESAP teachers of bachelor degree in Theater and master degree in Direting – Cinema and Television, are part of programme of the Desobedoc 2019 - insubmisso cinema show.

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29 de Abril | 09h30 – 17h00

Seminar: How to fund and produce a film on an international scale

Hotel Palácio Estoril

On April 29, at Palácio Estoril Hotel, will take place the Seminar: How to fund and produce a film on an international scale, organized by FECA - Federação Portuguesa de Escolas de Cinema e Audiovisual

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25 de Maio

Archiprix Portugal 2019

Architecture House (Matosinhos)

The graduate Ana Rita Pinho, of the Integrated Master in Achitecture, guided by PhD Fátima Fernandes, was selected for the final phase of the Archiprix Portugal 2019 Prize.

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