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Film Screening: Imagens Proibidas de Hugo Diogo

Auditório da ESAP 22 de Maio | 18h00

Next Wednesday, May 22nd, at 6 pm, on ESAP’s Auditorium, the Portuguese Film Imagens Proibidas directed by Hugo Diogo will be shown.


Imagens Proibidas operates a trip from the book to the cinema, revisiting the literary universe of Pedro Paixão - writer, university professor, philosopher and Portuguese photographer. The film drinks from the novel Saudades de Nova Iorque, originally published in 2000.



David is a Portuguese writer living in London, who returns to Portugal in an attempt to forget a great love and to find a new meaning for his life.

In Lisbon he realizes that everything has changed, the friends, the family, the parents, the city, or maybe he has changed.

As a subterfuge, he plans to develop two projects during his trip, gather material to write a book, and make a series of photographs. With this project, David seeks to recreate the love between two women who do not know each other, photographing one and the other and only allowing both to communicate through him, and the photographs.

With his polaroid machine, I have tried to capture not only the beauty of these two women who are getting involved in, but also the unique moment in which they meet, the proof of this love life. This is the game that will prove dangerous and difficult to play.



Title: Prohibited Images

From: Hugo Diogo

Genre: Drama Romance

Other data: Portugal | Colors | 90 '