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Presentation TOYS – HAMLET, by W. Shakespeare

Auditório da ESAP 25 e 26 de Julho | 21h00

Next July 25 and 26, at 9:00 p.m. at ESAP’s Auditorium, there will be a performance of the 1st year students of the Theater Bachelor degree Course, directed by Roberto Merino and reserved for ESAP's academic community.


"Hamlet may well have been constructed as an enigma or puzzle which, reduced to its constituent parts, could have been explained. But Shakespeare created it as a mystery and therefore eternally suggestive, yet eternally explicit ... "Prof Dowden. Shakespeare. The Critical Study of His Mind and Art (1875) C.H. Williamson, p. 129


Interpretation: 1st year students of the Theater Bachelor degree Course

André Magalhães, Carolina Soares, Débora Santos, Francisco Pena, Inês Leal, Gabriel Pinto, Maria João Mota, Mariana Cardoso, Marta Francisco, Rita Ribeiro, Vítor Russo.

Annotation and direction of scene: Mariana Cardoso

Sonoplasty: Inês Leal

Class delegate: Rita Ribeiro

Thanks to the teachers: António Alves, Luísa Pinto and Juan Toboso