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Presentation | A Decadência dos Seres Não Abstractos

Armazém 22, Vila Nova de Gaia 17 de Maio às 21h30 | 18 de Maio às 16h00

The play "A Decadência dos Seres Não Abstractos" questions the limits between the abstract and the real.

It is an exercise that crosses the theater with the plastic arts, constructed from two texts of the work "The Nihilistic Aestheticism of the Imaginary Number", of Marcio Aquiles. In a room, a debate between Art, Mathematics, Philosophy, Space and Time, which arise here as characters in struggle with humans for the autonomy and existence of each one of them. In parallel, a creative artist in creative crisis raises questions about the anguish of existence.


Text: Márcio Aquiles

Direction, scenic space and costumes: Luísa Pinto

Assistant of staging: Andreia Silveira

Light: Bruno Santos

Photography: António Alves

Production: CESAP / ESAP

Interpretation: students of the 1st year Theater Bachelor degree Course

Ana Príncipe

André Magalhães

Carolina Soares

Débora Santos

Francisco Pena

Inês Leal

Gabriel Pinto

Maria João Mota

Mariana Cardoso

Marta Francisco

Rita Ribeiro

Rute Micaela

Vitor Russo

Andreia Silveira (3rd Theater Bachelor degree Course)

Cecília Preto (Visual Arts – Photography Bachelor degree Course)

Laura Rodriguez: Choreography (School of Dramatic Arts/Asturias | Erasmus+ Program)

Thanks: António Alves, Bruno Santos, Isolino de Sousa


A presentation inserted in the FITEI 2019 program, FITEI and the Porto Schools.