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"Walk Into The Dark With Me" "Walk Into The Dark With Me"

Sala de Movimento 20 de Dezembro | 21h30

Performance of young actors in formation in the ESAP Movement Room "Walk Into The Dark With Me" arises from the desire to express the complexity of being young in an incomprehensible and uncertain world when your illusions of comfort and stability become threats and anguish. The action develops during a dinner of friends in which they are confronted with news that puts an end to things as they are.

Duration: 60 minutes/Interpretation: António Cruz, Barbara Torres, Barbara Machado, Gil Filipe, Inês Sincero, João Bizarro, Luana Carneiro, Tino Pinto/Radio and Television Voices: Gil Filipe Tomé Pinto/Scenography and Sonoplasty: Guilherme Barbosa

The show is for the Academic Community!