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Postgraduate Course “BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination” – 2021 (2nd edition)

1 year, 8 months ago

ISEP (Porto), ESAP (Porto) and BIM Academy (Barcelona) got together and created the postgraduate course “BIM Coordination” (PGBIM), which will run from 12 / Oct / 2021 to 25 / Feb / 2021, in ISEP installations.

The PGBIM aims to contribute to the training of BIM professionals, aimed at digitization, innovation and cutting-edge technology, within the scope of the AEC sector, is based on an OpenBIM approach and exceeds the existing training offer on the market, normally only directed towards three-dimensional parametric modeling .

With 180 contact hours - 30 ects - this course, with a strong practical component, also includes several national and international partner companies, where Foster + Partners (London, UK) and ArchiBus (Boston, USA).