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28-29 July| Terror e Miséria do Terceiro Reich | Carlos Alberto Theatre

8 months, 2 weeks ago

The final year students will show 27 playlets from Bertold Brech’s Fear and Misery in the 3rd Reich at the Carlos Alberto Theatre, 28th and 29th July, 7 pm. These playlets are directed by Prof. Roberto Merino.

Directed by Roberto Merino, the play takes some of the 27 playlets that make up Fear and Misery in the Third Reich. Written between 1937 and 1938, during Bertolt Brecht's Danish exile, the play provides a broad portrait of everyday life in Nazi Germany, based on eyewitness accounts and newspaper reports. “What has to be especially highlighted”, noted the German playwright, is “the typical behavior of various classes under the fascist dictatorship, the set of behaviors of precaution, defense, fear, etc., but also of revolt”. With this play, Brecht intended to give continuity not only to political theater, but also to the experiences of epic theater in the social, political and cultural conditions of exile. "Here comes from a seated / A pale and shuffled mob. / Red with blood, in front, / With a cross, high banners / What trials and weariness / They mean to the poor people."


From: Bertolt Brecht

Dramaturgy and Direction: Roberto Merino

Translation: Gilda Oswaldo Cruz

Light Design: Júlio Filipe Cardoso

Scene Notation: Márcia Salomé, Neuza Cardão

Interpretation: Ana Carvalho Pinto, Annie Pereira, Beatriz Santos, Carla Gomes, Carla Igreja, Carolina Villasboas, Constança Antunes, Duarte da Mota, Guilherme Amorim, Helena Gomes, Iara Rocha, Paulo Alexandre Jorge, Violeta Gouveia, Luís Ribeiro

Production: Escola Superior Artística do Porto/CESAP

Approximate duration: 1h10m

M/16 years