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23rd and 30th April | From Post-colonial Studies to Epistemic and Intersectional Decolonialization | Alexandra Balona | 3 PM, 3rd Floor

1 year, 11 months ago

23rd  April 3h30 PM, 3rd Floor

30th  April 3h30 PM, 3rd Floor



Alexandra Balona is an architect, researcher, and independent curator based in Porto. She is a PhD researcher in Cultural Studies,  European Graduate School & Lisbon Consortium, and a fellow researcher of   CECC-FCH-UCP. Balona is an associate member of Rampa, and co-founder of PROSPECTIONS for Art, Education and Knowledge Production. She curated Abertura, Impureza e Intensidade: Olhares através da obra de Marlene Monteiro Freitas (2020), co-curator of Metabolic Rifts (2017-18), and co-editor of Metabolic Rifts Reader (2019), and co-editor of An Untimely Book (2018). Balona writes regularly for several publishing outlets such as Público, Contemporênea, and Art Press.