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16 – 31 July | Garda-Sóis | Mira Space

1 year, 8 months ago

“Garda-Sóis” [Parasols] is the title of the exhibition that gathers the work produced by the final year students of BA in Fine Art and Intermedia and the BA in Photography and Visual Arts. The title alludes to the summer season, and the well-deserved rest from a challenging year. But, above all, it should be read as those who keep the light of the sun (garda-sol).

Title: Garda-Sóis

Courses: Photography and Visual Arts and Fine Art and Intermedia

Subjects: Project IV / Fine Art and Intermedia Project IV

Students: : Ana Luíza Sigaud, Arthur Coelho, Bárbara Flores, Beatriz Isabel Faria, Bernardo Castro, Bruna Rocha, Giovanna Mello, Inês Simões, Joana Couto, Joana Daniel, Jolanda Fonte, José Lourenço, Luciana Rodrigues, Mariana Costa, Miguel Martins, Olga Wardega, Patrícia Pereira, Sofia Alves, Teresa Pinhal

Lecturers: Maria Covadonga Barreiro and Nuno Ramalho

Academic year: 2020/2021

Espaço Mira - Rua de Miraflor 159 - Campanhã, Porto 

Opening: 16 July, 4 – 7 pm

From 16th to 31st July

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 3 – 7 pm.