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May 21 | “JANIS”, from the text by Filipe Pinto and Pedro Pinto

10 months, 3 weeks ago

As part of FITEI 2022, next May 21, Saturday, 9.30 p.m., at Tuna de Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia, will take place “JANIS” based on the text by Filipe Pinto and Pedro Pinto.

Janis is a young woman hitchhiking the roads of a changing country. The inner strength that accompanies her on this journey is just a reflection of a generation that has incorporated social change as the greatest of collective desires. Janis is the voice of a youth that sought to find itself through excess and that sought in difference a manifesto for self-affirmation. The space-time of this piece meets drugs and sexual liberation, rebel music and anti-war sentiments, the anti-racist struggle and the achievement of a truer existence. Many will see in Janis the legendary figure of Janis Joplin, but Janis and the Turtle is not a biography. It's just a visit to the generation of sixty.

Directed by Luísa Pinto and Roberto Merino

Interpretation - ESAP Theatre 1st Year Students

Alice Guerreiro, Anisa Matias, Anita Carvalho, Aurélio Bento, Duarte da Mota, Joana Fairchild, Rita Bettencourt Paixão, Sofia Venâncio and Violeta Gouveia

Thanks - Fernando Vieira (Pelinhas) and Manuel Vieira and Armazém 22

Production - Escola Superior Artística do Porto/CESAP


Approximate performance time: 50 minutes