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14th May | Gisela Casimiro | 2-4 PM, 3rd Floor

1 year, 10 months ago

Based on her work as a writer and artist, Gisela Casimiro will examine, question and unveil the interconnections between colonialism, image and representation.

Writer, artist and activist, Gisela Casimiro heads the Culture department at INMUNE – Instituto da Mulher Negra in Portugal. She published her first book of poems entitled Erosão (2018), was part of anthologies such as Rio das Pérolas (2020) and Venceremos! Discursos escolhidos de Thomas Sankara (2020) and participates in As Penélopes (2021). In recent years, she has been a regular columnist for Hoje Macau, Buala and Contemporânea. She also presented exhibitions in spaces such as O Armário, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Galeria Balcony and Museu Nacional de Etnologia.