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12th November, 3- 6 pm | Theatre of Allegoric Figures

1 year, 4 months ago

Seminar delivered by Joaquim Gama.

3 – 6 pm, Sala de Movimento

This seminar is for theatre students, upon booking.

Starting from the theatre experiences with Brazilian theatre artists and educators, this seminar proposes to share these as they are recorded in the book “Allegory at Play: staging as a pedagogic practice”, in which certain elements of the so-called “allegoric figures theatre”.

Joaquim Gama – Post-doctorate in Pedagogy of Theatre; Doctor in Theatre by the School of Communication and Art, São Paulo; Master in Arts by the same institution. He coordinates the Theatre School of São Paulo and is the author of the book “Allegorical games – staging as a pedagogic practice”, published by Perspectiva, São Paulo, Brasil.


Organised by Luísa Pinto with the support of Theatre Course and the Academic Board of ESAP.