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11th June | VARIATIONS BETWEEN 1000 AND 1600 ROTATIONS PER MINUTE | AUDITORIUM (laundry monologues)

1 year, 10 months ago

1st Year Theatre students will present a theatrical exercise open to the public.

Dramaturgy and Play Direction by Roberto Merino


"Written and interpreted by their authors, these five monologues are based on a Stanislavskian observational method that, taken to an imaginary stage, becomes an invitation to a personal world described in the solitude of the central character. Often described as antidramatic, the monologue is the form of discourse in which the character overflows his thoughts and emotions in a reasonably and orderly manner (not always!), without addressing a specific listener."

Played by;Annie Pereira, Iara Rocha, Carla Gomes, Carolina Villasboas, Sara Gouveia

Production: ESAP- Superior Theater Course