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1 – 10 July | The Post-graduation in Curating, Urban Culture and Spatial Practices will join the Escola dos Confins e de Nenhures

1 year, 9 months ago

With the production of the Municipal Theatre of Porto and curated by Joclécio Azevedo and Inês Moreira, The Escola dos Confins e de Nenhures will take place in the Popular Library of Marquês, between 1st and 10th July. With the purpose of “building together” a platform that gathers relevant questions regarding the issue of borders in European cities, the School will foster participation and community involvement. ESAP will join with the project Relational Spheres in Public Places, produced by CURBES: ESAP’s experimental working group. The Group was created in 2021 and is formed by the students of the post-graduation in Curating, Urban Culture, and Spatial Practices -  Isabelle Neri, Lívia Barts, Mariana Morais, Marina Rei, Teresa Arêde, Vanessa Spanholi. It has engaged in the critical survey of public spaces, mapping and interpreting  social and spatial practices in Porto.